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13 July 2008 @ 12:54 pm
[Rp det_lassiter] Walking in Memphis  
    She stepped off the plane, and for a moment, didn't know what to do next.  It wasn't as if she was here to meet someone right away, I mean she was here to meet someone, it's just that his flight didn't get in for another hour and a half.  So she stood in the concourse for a few minutes trying to get her head on straight, she hadn't slept much the night before so she was slow to wake up.  When the second person bumped into her, she finally got moving, she grabbed her luggage and headed out to grab a taxi.  The ride to the hotel was short, and after she checked in, she took a hot shower, relaxing fully after the flight.

Wrapping herself in one of the white fuzzy towels that the hotel provided, walking to her suit case, she took out the clothes she would wear later that day.  Amongst the clothes was Mr. Wolf the fox, she thought it would be a good idea to bring him along so he could pick up Carlton's scent.  Grinning, she took the stuffed animal, and walked to the bed.  Sitting down on the edge of the king sized bed and thought seriously about getting dressed and finding herself a cup of coffee. 

Really, seriously, except that her constant yawning seemed to cut into any real motivation she had for getting up and doing it.  When she laid down it was only going to be for a few minutes, really, just closing her eyes till she had to go back to the airport.  She wanted to meet him at the airport, Oh, she was aware that he could meet her at the hotel, he knew the hotel and it was just a cab ride away.  But still, she wanted to see him, but as soon as her eyes closed she fell into a deep sleep.  What was suppose to be only a short nap, turned into a long one.  The time for her to get up came and went, followed closely by Carlton's arrival time, and still she remained asleep.

[ooc:  Bendy time and all that fun stuff.]
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Detective Carlton Lassiter: sexydet_lassiter on July 15th, 2008 03:43 pm (UTC)
Grinning up at her, (wolfishly? He couldn't help wondering, the thought enough to make him snort in amusement), he reached out and cupped his hands over her hips.

"Oh, huff puff!" He sighed playfully. "What is a big bad wolf to do?"

He wiggled a bit, hips rising to make her bob up and down a little in a way that made him want to laugh. His mood was so lifted, everything around him seemed light. It was such a rare occurance in his life, but of course it would be Olivia that would bring out this side of him.

"For the chance to spend the rest of his life with the beautiful Ms. Hood, Mr Wolf would even wear a collar and nametag."

Okay... He hadn't meant that to sound so kinky... Nevermind.
Detective Olivia Bensondetoliviasvu on July 15th, 2008 03:58 pm (UTC)
When he bucked his hips she bounced, causing her to laugh and grab at his shirt. Leaning down, she gave him a sly grin, to easily picturing him in a collar and tags. It was an interesting mental image and given their previous conversations about pain and domination she wondered if he would even go for it. Maybe not.

"Maybe, if you behave, I'll get you a nice collar for your birthday." Very lightly she brushed her lips over his throat as she spoke, carefully nuzzling his neck. "So everyone will know you belong to little red riding hood."

She didn't mean to get like this, not really. The last thing she wanted was for him to think that all she wanted him for was sex. At first that might have been the case, but things had changed. So now she was caught between necking and having serious conversation.
Detective Carlton Lassiter: drunkdet_lassiter on July 15th, 2008 04:36 pm (UTC)
The light growl he made was mostly involuntary, a reaction to the attention paid to his neck. It shifted into a moan as he arched his head back to give her better access. His arms wrapping around her body to pull her close.

There were other ways you could let people know that you belong to someone... The words were almost out his mouth before he stopped himself. No. Now wasn't the time to start voicing that kind of thing, not when he'd not even taken the time to think about it himself. Olivia was already taking a massive leap to live with him, scaring her off with impulsive thoughts was not the way to go forward.

Though, she'd already said that she could see her having children with him... But all that was a conversation to have when they weren't both horizontal.
Detective Olivia Bensondetoliviasvu on July 15th, 2008 04:52 pm (UTC)
His growl sent shivers down her spine, good Lord it drove her crazy, and out of instinct she pressed her hips down against his as she laid against his chest. She was busy nuzzling and lightly nipping at his throat when she heard his words. Pausing for a moment she thought about them carefully.

She could remember very clearly the night they chatted about getting married, having children. For some reason she always thought that he wasn't interested in getting remarried, but perhaps she had been wrong.

Turning her head, she kissed his mouth lightly and opened her eyes to gaze down at him. "You're right, there are, but right now I'm just looking to see if you can be house broken." She winked at him, grinning good naturedly. The talk didn't scare her off, not yet, but much like Carlton's thinking, it was probably not a discussion to have when this close.
Detective Carlton Lassiter: grindet_lassiter on July 16th, 2008 05:32 pm (UTC)
He nodded, glad that his impulsive slip hadn't sent her backing away to the other side of the room. She wasn't jumping up and down shouting "yes! Yes!" either, which was good. Some women were prone to taking so much as an offer of coffee at the end of an evening as a proposal of marriage.

He was wary about thinking such thoughts, but it really did feel like they operated on the same wavelength, wanted the same things.

"I can promise you I'm very well trained, but there's still plenty of chance for you to teach an old wolf new tricks." Skimming his hand down her back, he smiled up her. "Now, one of us needs to do something about their clothing situation..." He raised his eyebrows a little and licked the corner of his mouth expectantly.
Detective Olivia Benson: Over the shoulderdetoliviasvu on July 16th, 2008 05:39 pm (UTC)
"I've always wanted to give a wolf a lesson," she smirked and ran her fingers through his hair before she sat up on top of him. An eyebrow raised and she looked down at her towel clad self and then him in substantially more clothing. Taking on an innocent look she fixed the cotton towel around her more securely.

"Oh, should I get dressed, is there something you want to go out and do?" It was hard to keep up the innocent facade, especially with him between her legs and really nothing between them but his slacks. If they weren't careful she would embarrass herself by getting him wet.

Slowly she started to climb off of him, giving him more then ample time to grab her. "I'll get dressed . . ."
Detective Carlton Lassiter: you didn't...det_lassiter on July 16th, 2008 06:09 pm (UTC)
"I'm a fast learner," he returned her smirk, tilting his head into her touch with a soft hum of pleasure.

God, she was driving him crazy. It shouldn't have surprised him; she did this to him every time her saw her without fail, but the last thing he'd expected was to find himself lying beneath her within an hour and a half of landing. Granted, perhaps that was where his imagination had failed him - in the time span at least. He'd thought plenty about finding himself in similar situations during the course of their visit.

That look wasn't fooling him, not for one second. His impression of her being an angel had slipped away pretty much as she woke up, not that he minded at all. And then she actually started to move off him...

"Oh-ho! No you don't..." He shook his head, his mouth forming an "o" shape in mock outrage. Reaching out, he grabbed her hand, not pulling but pausing her. "I was feeling far too over dressed for what I want to do."
Detective Olivia Benson: white dressdetoliviasvu on July 16th, 2008 08:35 pm (UTC)
"Ohhh," she raised an eyebrow. "What do you want to do, Mr. Wolf?" She knew full well what he wanted to do because she wanted to do it too, but she wanted to hear it from him. Hearing it over the phone was one thing, but face to face, right up close was something all together different.

Leaning forward, she kissed him lightly, her lips teasingly soft over his. Barely brushing them as he worked to get his shirt off. If he wanted to be naked she wasn't going to stop him. He was an amazingly attractive man, and she liked nothing better then to watch him react to her kisses over his chest.

As she slid her hands over his chest she thought about things she wanted to do to him. There had been moments before, when she had almost worked up the courage to blow him, but when she got close to the waist band of his slacks she would panic and pull back. He never seemed to question this, but she felt bad that she couldn't give him everything.