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Whatsa matter Daddy? C'mon save my soul

Detective Olivia Benson
10 August
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Perp: Honey, I'd like some mineral water, a little ice.
Olivia: Yeah, well, I'd like your balls in a blender, but ain't life a bitch?
Elliot: Maybe you shouldnt've called her "honey".

General disclaimer
Olivia Benson is from Law and Order: SVU and is owned by (producers, studio, writer). This journal is for roleplay and fic writing only, and I make no profit, nor intend no infringement of copyright.
Character information
Olivia Benson is a Detective with Manhattan SVU, she works sexually motivated crimes with her partner, Elliot Stabler. They have been partnered for the last ten years (based of the fact that the show has been on for nine seasons) except for a brief period of time when she transfered to computer crimes.

Olivia's mother, Serena Benson was a violent alcoholic who often took her anger out on her daughter. Serena passed away after falling down a flight of subway stairs after leaving a bar. Olivia never met her biological father (Joe Marsden), her mother always told her that she was a product of rape, but after finding her half brother, Simon, she questioned if it really was rape.

Olivia is dedicated, strong, and a workaholic. She has no life outside of work, she works out and has a tendency to drink a bit too much. The longest relationship she's ever had is with her partner, Elliot.
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